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por Ken Carney 07 ago, 2017

Although any home addition will boost property value, some projects will benefit the household more than others. Based in West Haven, CT, our company provides a range of home remodeling services to increase the comfort and functionality of residences throughout New Haven County.

Below, our contractors share five home additions that will benefit your space the most:

  • Bathroom:Adding a full or half bathroom is a worthwhile home addition that sees a solid return on investment, allowing you to regain a fair chunk of the money put down for the project. The new bathroom is convenient for the family, too, as no one will have to wait in line to get ready in the morning.
  • Bedroom: Although overnight guests might not mind sleeping on a pullout couch, it would be nice to offer them more comfortable—and private—accommodations. Consider adding a guest bedroom to the house. When unoccupied, you could use the space for seasonal storage, a workout room, or whatever else you have in mind.
  • Office: If you often bring work home, think about adding an office. The dedicated workspace serves as a comfortable setting for you to concentrate on work without household distractions.
  • Deck:If you’ve always wanted to host get-togethers but consider the house too cramped, install a deck. This is a simple way to add more space for entertaining to the property. You can even enclose the area or add an awning to make it usable year-round—rain or shine.
  • Living Room: Although your home already has a living room, there are still plenty of reasons to add another one. When guests come to visit, you can use the larger area for entertaining, while the smaller space can serve as a private den for the family or a game room for the kids.

Whether you want to update the kitchen or add more bathrooms for your New Haven County property, our team at Baybrook Remodelers will be by your side through every aspect of the project. To schedule a consultation, call (203) 937-6400 today. Visit our website and Facebook  page to see pictures of completed work.

por Ken Carney 27 jul, 2017

Are you ready to turn your boring bathroom into a trendy and beautifully relaxing room? While bathroom remodeling can range from a few small changes to more extensive updates like home additions, it is always well worth the work. Here’s a guide to the top 2017 bathroom remodeling trends.

3 Trends You Should Consider for Your Next Bathroom Remodeling Project

1.  Advanced Texture & Tile

As technology continues to develop, trends in various industries follow suit. That goes for bathroom remodeling, too. Technology has developed enough to allow homeowners to purchase tile that looks just like hardwood or other textures. If you prefer the look of marble, for example, you can purchase engineered stone that is incredibly similar—but lacks pores and does not require any sealant.

2. Heated Flooring

Another trend technology has enabled is heated flooring. In the frigid New England winters, cold feet are relatively common. Heated bathroom flooring is energy-efficient and, as a simple installation, can also be relatively inexpensive.

3. Sound Systems

In bathroom remodeling, sound systems have become very trendy. People love listening to music during their otherwise boring 
bathroom routines. Music can help them feel ready to take on the day in the morning or begin to relax before bed. In 2017, it has become very popular for contractors to install speakers into the ceiling or shower head, allowing the homeowners to stream music from another device.


If you feel inspired by these beautiful 2017 bathroom remodeling trends, then it may be time to take on a project of your own. Baybrook Remodelers  in West Haven, CT, can make it even simpler, by helping customers find the best designs and styles. Call us with any questions at (203) 937-6400, or visit our website for a detailed look at their building process and expertise. We'll be happy to discuss your unique ideas to develop the perfect bathroom for you and your family.

por Ken Carney 14 jul, 2017

Every great backyard contains a functional and well-crafted deck. From visiting with friends to eating dinner with your family, they serve multiple functions. However, like other exterior elements of your home, they can succumb to years of wear and tear and start to break down, putting your loved ones at risk. This is why it's important to replace your deck before it becomes a safety hazard.

When Should You Consider a Deck Replacement?

1. Movement or Shakiness

Any sign of movement on your deck, from boards to railings, indicates structural damage. With older ones, it's usually a symptom of loose joists, posts, or railings. A full-structure wobble may also signify the entire deck is pulling away from your home. Such scenarios could result in the complete collapse of the unit, potentially injuring someone. Avoid the medical bills, guilt, and financial liability by replacing your deck sooner rather than later.

2. Obvious Damage

A loose or warped board can be replaced, but rotting sections of surface boards or fallen railings indicate the structure is too damaged to be repaired. If you're uncertain about the seriousness of your deck's damage, ask your local home builder to inspect it for you.

3. Pulling Away From Your Structure

During the installation of your deck, it's attached to your home to increase its structural support. The loss of that support can cause more widespread damage, enhancing the risk of injury. In some instances, you may be able to repair the ledger boards, but other cases will require a full replacement.


If you've noticed any of the signs above, it may be time to build a new deck. Begin the process by contacting Baybrook Remodelers in West Haven, CT. From decks and siding to windows and kitchen remodeling, our team uses their three-step building process to ensure the satisfaction of their clients. Learn more by calling (203) 937-6400.

por Ken Carney 22 jun, 2017

In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s important for you to fix up your property to make it as appealing as possible. This is why most people undergo home remodeling before having their property listed. Those who don’t risk not getting any offers at all.

While many renovation projects add value to your property, here are the four that add the most value:

  • Kitchen Remodel: Potential buyers pay extra attention to kitchens, from the countertop material to the featured appliances. After all, it is the heart of every home. A minor kitchen remodel with a $20,000 price tag can yield up to 83% return on investment.

  • Bathroom Addition: Another home remodeling project to consider is adding an extra bathroom. Many people are eager to make their bathroom a place of personal comfort, with some even installing televisions on the wall. A $40,000 bathroom addition project can yield up to 56% in return.

  • Bathroom Remodel: If you don’t have a spare room to convert into an extra bathroom, you can always opt for a remodel. If you do it right, it could be the room that sells your home. It can also return up to 65% of your investment. Make the bath more appealing by adding a tub and shower, installing new tiles, and updating lights and fixtures.

  • Deck Addition: Installing a deck is a low-cost home improvement that can yield a very high return. Outdoor living spaces have become a sought-after feature for potential buyers. For a $10,000 wooden deck, you can get up to 75% in return.


When it comes to home remodeling and additions, make sure you get the best value for your investment. Homeowners in West Haven, CT, turn to Baybrook Remodelers for their renovation needs. With more than 20 years of experience, our team is highly qualified to handle your requirements for bathroom and kitchen remodeling, deck additions, and other improvement projects. Call (203) 937-6400 to schedule a consultation.

por Ken Carney 15 jun, 2017

While you may not think about it often, the siding on your home plays an important role in protecting your house from exterior elements. It also adds to the curb appeal, if you’re planning to sell the home, and an added layer of comfort, if you’ve just moved in. Because of this, it’s important to know the signs of when siding should be replaced.

Here are three ways to know that your home’s siding is due to be replaced:

  • Frequent Need to Paint:Every home needs a new coat of paint every five to seven years to keep it looking fresh and free of chips or scratches. However, if you’ve found the need to paint multiple times over the last couple of years, it could be a sign that there is a structural problem with the siding that needs to be fixed. If you’ve painted the exterior of your home more than twice in the last 12 months, call in a professional to check out your siding.
  • Mold:Moisture is the enemy of strong, solid siding, and, when water passes through, it can easily get stuck in your home’s walls. Without a way to escape, mold is almost guaranteed to harvest, which can lead to serious structural damage and health problems for you and your family, if the issue goes unaddressed for too long.
  • High Energy Bills:The goal of effective siding is to keep your home insulated. If you’ve noticed an unexplainable spike in your energy bills, you may have a leak in your siding that is forcing your HVAC system to work harder than needed to maintain a proper level of heat or cold indoors.

If you’re a homeowner in West Haven, CT, and in the market for brand new siding for your home, consider working with Baybrook Remodelers. Since 1992, our team of construction contractors has served the community with siding, decks, and windows. Give us a call at (203) 937-6400.

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