Raising the Bar with Intex Railing Systems

  • By Ken Carney
  • 29 Feb, 2016

A diverse selection that compliments any project

When it comes to projects around the house, Baybrook Remodelers is your go-to company from the inside out. We will update each and every inch of your home, even some areas you may have neglected. Take the exterior railings of your home. When was the last time you updated them? The answer is probably not that recently. Baybrook Remodelers is here to help.

Forget the old aluminum railings you may still have. Let our team of experts install a railing system from Intex. When you choose an Intex railing system installed by Baybrook Remodelers, you will get a rail system made with Cellular PVC. That means you don’t have to worry about it rusting or rotting as you would with other materials. You also don’t have to worry about the time-consuming headache of painting either. It is unneccesary with an Intex railing system. Besides the benefits of the Cellular PVC material, you also get a railing system with hidden stainless steel fasteners. This provides a sleek look while keeping safety a priority. Since the fastener hardware is completely concealed inside the rail, there are no visual distractions from the beauty of the Intex rail system.

One of the many bonuses about the Intex railing system is that it compliments any house. There is a diverse selection of moldings to accommodate architectural purposes for older homes. This way you don’t have to worry about changing the style of your existing features.

Besides your basic railings and moldings, there is a new option available. You can choose from a variety of lattice designs for underneath the porch. Let the experts at Baybrook Remodelers help you make a selection that will make your home stand out.

Our customers who have had Intex railing systems installed, rave about them. Stop by the Baybrook Remodelers’ showrooms in West Haven or Fairfield to find out more about the Intex products and how they can help to transform your home!

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By Ken Carney 03 May, 2017

Maybe your kids are getting ready to move out, or, perhaps, you’re envisioning life in a different town. Whatever the reason, you know you might sell eventually—just not right this minute. In the meantime, you’re still enjoying your Connecticut house and wondering about getting a home addition. As Baybrook Remodelers in West Haven explains below, an addition will significantly boost your home value and curb appeal, as well as your current quality of life.

Here are a few additions that you might consider for improving your curb appeal:

  • Patio: A home with a patio is a great addition. Build your patio in the front of your home, and it’ll boost your curb appeal, too. This summer, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine on your new patio, while also knowing that, after a few years, this highly coveted home addition will justify a higher asking price.

  • Family Room: One of the most cost-effective indoor home additions you can build is a family room. With fewer needs than a bathroom or kitchen (e.g., no plumbing or fixtures), the logistics are relatively easier to plan. It’ll also increase your square footage, justify a higher asking price, and give you an opportunity to brighten your curb appeal with new windows, doors, or siding.

By Ken Carney 19 Apr, 2017
Historic buildings boast so many charming elements. But even though the property may have been built with integrity, some features will require extensive renovations to get up to modern code. I am here to share a recent project we completed on an 85-year-old property. In addition to commercial construction, we also offer home additions and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.
By Ken Carney 24 Mar, 2017

If you’re considering kitchen remodeling , you have a variety of options to choose from. However, you don’t need a complete renovation to give your kitchen a makeover. New cabinets are an efficient way to switch things up, and with so many styles available, there’s something for everyone.

As West Haven, CT’s go-to homebuilders and remodeling experts, we have a wide variety of cabinet styles to choose from recommendations to update your space:

By Ken Carney 23 Feb, 2017

If you are considering a home remodeling project that includes new floors, our team at Baybrook Remodelers in West Haven, CT, will provide you with the newest quality flooring options to suit your requirements. The team recognizes that each customer has specific wants and needs. They work with you to find the options that are the best fit for your project.

While hardwood floors are a classic and timeless choice in flooring, there are a lot of new options to consider when choosing something for your home. If you are looking to add a modern, open feel to your living space, wide plank flooring might be the right option for you. With planks averaging around 5 inches wide, this flooring option has become increasingly popular and showcases the beauty of natural wood floors.

Engineered hardwood is another popular option that mimics the look of hardwood but is available at a lower cost. The flooring is made from a layer of real hardwood over plywood or other lower cost materials. The end product is as durable and stylish as hardwood without busting the budget.

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) is a new versatile option that is a great fit for many rooms in your home. Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements can be subject to moisture, and LVP is moisture-resistant and perfect for high-traffic areas. It also comes in a variety of styles that give you the look of tile, wood, or stone, making it easier to incorporate your aesthetic design in all areas of your home.

Wood-look tile is another new flooring trend that is gaining traction. If you love quick-cleaning, durable tile but want the look of wood, then this option is for you. It is easy to install and can update your space with style.  

If you are ready to tear up your carpet or replace your old kitchen tiles, Baybrook Remodelers is ready to help. Call (203) 937-6400 to schedule an appointment today.Our highly qualified, professional team will meet with you in their showroom or at your home to discuss your flooring and home remodeling needs. Visit our website for information about all their services, including home additions and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

By Ken Carney 02 Feb, 2017

Home additions and remodeling are always an exciting undertaking for new or potential homeowners. When financing is a main concern to achieve your dream home, a 203(k) home improvement loan could be an excellent option. Baybrook Remodelers, located in the heart of West Haven, CT, specializes in helping homeowners who have decided on this loan program. As professional homebuilders who understand the responsibilities of this type of loan, clients often turn to them for advice.

203(k) Home Improvement Loan FAQ for Home Additions

What Is a 203(k) Home Improvement Loan?

A 203(k) home improvement loan is a loan that rolls both a mortgage and home remodeling budget into one. Whether you’re considering buying a fixer-upper or looking to refinance your existing home, this is a great opportunity to fund your home remodeling project in tandem with your mortgage.

Is This Loan Right for You?

These 203(k) loans are typically on a 15- or 30-year option. While there is no “balloon payment,” these loans will have a higher interest rate than the market standard. The fees on this loan are higher as they value your home based on its value once your home additions are complete. That being said, if you’re looking to complete a home remodeling project right away, this loan will give you the cash and flexibility to get it done efficiently.

What Does It Mean for Your Contractor?

When you secure a 203(k) loan, there are a few rules that must be followed. Most importantly, work on your home remodeling project must begin within 30 days of closing on your loan. Choose homebuilders who understand your timeline and can get started based on these important dates. The entire home addition project will need to be completed within six months, so get a solid commitment from your contractor in writing!

If you live in the greater West Haven, CT, area and are looking for the region’s best homebuilders, call Baybrook Remodelers today at (203) 937-6400 to schedule a consultation. For more information on how an improvement loan can help set your home addition and remodeling plans into motion, download our guide today!

By Ken Carney 11 Jan, 2017

If you’re starting a remodeling project that involves replacement windows, the team at Baybrook Remodelers believes there are several factors to keep in mind. Our knowledge comes from over 20 years of experience providing people throughout West Haven, CT, and the surrounding area with a broad range of fast, affordable, and dependable construction services.    

Below, Connecticut’s premier residential and commercial builders share three ways to evaluate replacement windows:

  • Consider Property Style: Windows don’t need to match your property exactly, but they should complement the design. If you’re updating a sprawling, high-end home, opt for luxury styles like bay or picture windows. Double-hung and sliding treatments don’t take up much room and work well on average-sized dwellings.  
  • Remember Your Energy Bill: Consider the cost of heating and cooling your home when deciding what windows to buy. Look for options like double-pane windows with insulated glass. These will keep warm air inside during the winter and hot air out during the summer, so you can cut back on the cost of an overworked HVAC system.
  • Think About Longevity: The last thing you want to do is install new windows only to end up replacing them because they’re prone to crack or chip. To ensure your windows last for years to come, look for impact-resistant or storm-proof options that can stand strong in extreme weather conditions.

Whether you’re planning a home remodeling project or trying to build the house of your dreams, Baybrook Remodelers will aid in every aspect of the process. We specialize in home additions and remodeling projects, and can outfit your space with high-quality windows, siding treatments, and more.

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment to discuss your renovation in New Haven county, call (203) 937-6400 today. You can also learn more about the building process on our website.

By Ken Carney 13 Dec, 2016

Whether you’re getting ready to execute a home remodeling project or are building a new house, Baybrook Remodelers in West Haven, CT, recommends familiarizing yourself with the different options for affordable vinyl siding. Depending on your needs and stylistic preferences, you can create the look you want and reap the benefits, including durability, of this popular siding style.

Check out the three most common types of vinyl siding:

  • Board & Batten:Instead of creating a standard horizontal look, board and batten vinyl siding allows you to seal off your home from the wind and rain by installing panels vertically. This method is used as a way to protect buildings from extreme temperatures and inclement weather.
  • Clapboard:Also known as horizontal vinyl siding, this is probably the style you see most often. The clapboard texture is extremely versatile and comes in different colors and styles so you can customize it to your personal preferences.
  • Cedar Shake:As people continue to look for more affordable ways to enhance and protect their homes, vinyl siding is keeping up with industry trends in exterior design. One of the most popular styles is cedar shake, which allows you to create the look and feel of wood siding without having to deal with the high costs and regular upkeep.

Exploring all your vinyl siding options will help ensure your home looks the way you want it to. To get started on a siding installation project, call Baybrook Remodelers at (203) 937-6400 today.

By Ken Carney 01 Dec, 2016

At Baybrook Remodelers, Inc. we pride ourselves on having the most professional and knowledgeable staff when it comes to serving our customers. We know you need an experienced team of people to help make decisions every step of the way. From the design phase of your remodeling project , all the way through the process of picking out products to compliment your home, each person on our team specializes in different areas to bring your project to its fullest potential.

Recently, we welcomed a new member to our sales team. Bill Zacks comes to us with an extensive background and experience in the construction and remodeling business. Bill’s days in the construction business date back to his youth when he helped build houses with his father. During this time, he also used his skills learned in trade school for plumbing.

As the years went on, Bill continued gaining experience in the construction field. He not only helped to manage property but also worked as a developer in the Vermont area. Eventually, he made his way south to Connecticut. Before arriving at Baybrook Remodelers, Inc. Bill most recently served as Vice President of construction for a firm in Westport. Here he helped to develop budgets, pull permits and most importantly serve as a liaison between the office and the field.

It is this customer service and experience communicating with a team of professionals during a remodeling project that will benefit our clients. Bill loves to work with people on their home improvement projects and make their visions become a reality. He aims to please in every aspect of his job.

If you have the pleasure of working with Bill for your remodeling project, you will find he is methodical and will take his time walking you through every step of the process. He is precise and patient to help guide you to choose the right products to suit your home or business, as well as your style.

If you have a project you would like to start in your home or business, call Baybrook Remodelers Inc. today so Bill and our entire team can get you on the right track.

By Ken Carney 28 Oct, 2016
Beachfront living is something many of us dream of. There’s nothing like opening your front door or looking out your window and seeing the ocean and sand. In West Haven, CT, the West Walk Condominiums offer its residents just that. With all the beauty on the outside, it’s no wonder those who live there want things just as beautiful on the inside.

Baybrook Remodelers, Inc., recently had the opportunity to completely renovate one of the West Walk condos. Our team went in and remodeled both floors of this 1,100 square foot unit. In the kitchen all of the old cabinets, countertops, and appliances were torn out to make way for top-of-the line products. Yorktowne cabinets were installed to compliment the new Cambria countertops.

An island was also added to the kitchen to give the room an updated look. From our design team to the installers, everyone at Baybrook Remodelers, Inc., worked with the owner to create a room that really brings new life to the unit.

Besides the updates, we were also able to redesign the kitchen to move the refrigerator under the stairs to create more space in the kitchen.

The bathroom was also gutted from top to bottom. A new custom-tiled shower was installed, creating a sleek and modern looking bathroom.
Besides the individual room renovations, the entire condo was upgraded to hydraulic heat. This is a more efficient way to heat any home which saves money when it comes to energy bills. Another energy efficient and money saving move comes with the installation of new doors. New exterior doors were installed according to condo specifications to help conserve energy and save money at the same time. New doors were also installed throughout the condo itself.

One of the things that can really make a room stand out is the floors. Bamboo flooring was installed on the first floor to accent the new kitchen and crown-molding in the other rooms. As part of the renovation, Baybrook Remodelers, Inc., also sheet-rocked over the popcorn ceiling to give the unit a more modern look.

When it comes to condo or home remodeling, let Baybrook Remodelers, Inc., make your space look better than new! Our design and sales team will help you choose products to bring new life to your home. Call our West Haven or Fairfield showrooms today to make your appointment!

By Ken Carney 10 Oct, 2016

The appearance of the outside of your house is just as important as the inside. You can do thousands of dollars of renovations inside, but if you house is lacking on the outside, you’re not doing yourself any good.

We all know house paint takes a beating from the elements. There is a lot of maintenance to keep up with if you want to keep the color looking fresh and clean. But, there comes a time when repainting every so many years just isn’t cutting it anymore. That’s when it’s time to invest in Craneboard Siding installed by Baybrook Remodelers, Inc.

Craneboard Siding is maintenance free. That means once we install it, you’ll never have to go back and paint it because it will never fade. That’s why it’s the product we install most when it comes to siding. Craneboard Siding is made with Neopor from BASF SE that helps to absorb and reflect radiant heat. Customers also love it because of the full-back insulation which helps to reduce noise by up to 45%.  Another benefit is that the backer foam has moisture management ridges that provide space for ventilation.

When you decide to have Baybrook Remodelers, Inc. install Craneboard Siding you are also investing in Craneboard’s Life of the Home Limited Warranty. This is the only warranty of its kind. It is also completely transferrable to a new owner if you sell your home.

Craneboard Siding also comes with termite guard so you don’t need to worry about critters damaging your home. It is also a durable product if you live near the ocean because it can stand up to salt and other elements during a possible storm.

If you are considering siding for your home, Craneboard Siding is the far better choice over vinyl and other products. Let Baybrook Remodelers, Inc. help to transform your home from the outside-in. Call us today for an appointment or stop in to our West Haven or Fairfield showrooms.
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